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5 Tips That Will Make You A Better Ghost Hunter

Ghost hunting is a fun and addicting activity. It provides fear and excitement and quenches the thirst of those seeking proof of life after death. Although, as fun as this may be, there should be a purpose behind your expeditions. Capturing solid and presentable evidence is the main goal of paranormal research groups. Catching evidence isn't an easy task and there lies a thin line between presentable content and rubbish. Here are a few quick tips to get you on the road to catching better evidence and making better communication with the dead.


Regardless of how many ghost hunts you've attended, it is always a good idea to brush up on paranormal theory and techniques. There is an ample supply of books and articles online that teach proper investigating habits.


Staying calm is one of the most difficult parts of being a ghost hunter. Chances are when you witness a ghost up close and personal, you will find it hard to control your emotions. I've seen people scream, yell, run, swear, laugh, and even cry after seeing or feeling a spirit. I've also done most of these things myself over the years. Practice makes perfect. On each hunt you attend you should challenge yourself to be less afraid and more focused.


As obvious as this sounds, it can be difficult to ask productive questions while interviewing spirits. All too often I see people turning on a ghost box and asking "Is that you?!"

It is ok to ask these things initially but try and find a topic and stick to it. Start with the basics: "Can you understand what we are saying?" "What is your name?" "What year is it?" These questions will paint you a nice picture of who you are speaking with. Once you have connected with an intelligent entity you can start asking questions that will assist your overall research: "What happens when you die?" "How can we communicate with you more effectively?" "Is there a God?" .... etc.


You must remember that as far as we know, these entities we are speaking with were once part of a physical body just like we are in now. It is very easy to sound demanding on a hunt when asking questions. Try to be openly respectful and most spirits will answer more willingly. For example John, my ghost hunting partner, says this frequently, "Hello spirits, my name is John. I'm here tonight to ask some questions. We don't mean any harm and we come in peace." He addresses why he is there and also that he can be trusted.

There will be times when you run into nasty spirits which will swear at you and mock you. The best thing to do in these situations is to ignore these spirits and move on. It is dangerous to communicate with negative entities. There have been occasions where John and I have given in to their mockery and we ended up suffering for it upon returning home.


This may be one of the most important pieces of advice I can give for capturing better paranormal evidence. Pay attention to everything and compare it to all of your previous investigations. When you walk into a bedroom inside of a haunted mansion and you feel a sensation come over you, pay attention to it! Most times these little signals are overlooked and most commonly hid by FEAR. Spirits communicate with you this way. Your body and mind are one of the best ghost hunting tools you can use.

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