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Ghost Tells Investigator "Yes" Heaven Is Real (WITH VIDEO)

It was a cold winter night when John called me and suggested we check out the Old Joliet State Prison. We arrived to the area around midnight and walked through a long trail winding through the colossal remains of what used to be the Joliet Iron Works Steel Mill.

As we walked down the trail I couldn't help but notice how quiet it was. The wind was blowing and cutting through our jackets. Yet strangely the only sound that could be heard was snow crunching beneath our boots. The sky was glowing a deep orange illuminated by downtown Joliet, IL. city lights. It provided just enough light so that we could see details of the large stone walls as we passed through the steel mill remains.

(The tall walls of the old steel mill)

We crossed over a set of railroads tracks which were lit by a series of bright red lights. The tracks led us to the back of the prison where we decided to begin our investigation. We always show respect for the law so we didn't approach the walls of the abandoned prison too closely. Standing just outside the stained stone walls was a building which appeared to have been used for storage. The right side of the building was wide open so John and I stepped inside and examined the room. Scattered across the floor were tons of beds, lockers, and what appeared to be inmate shoes. The energy felt good so John flipped on the ghost box and began asking questions.

(Creepy train tracks)

David began by asking, "What is this place called that we are standing in?" A spirit quickly responded, "prison!" John then asked "My name is John, can you tell me your name?" Directly after John asked the question a spirit answered, "Pat!" I was very impressed with how intelligent these spirits were and how quickly they responded. Within the first few moments of the investigation we received several direct responses.

John then used a confirmation technique we like to utilize during ghost box sessions to confirm the authenticity of a direct response. David had earlier asked the spirits what the place was called and they responded with "prison!' In an attempt to double check their answers John repeated the question in his own words, "What was this building used to for?" A male voice confidently responded, "prison!" It was a very clear response that satisfied us both. This confirmed that the spirits were speaking with us "intelligently" and the responses were not just coincidence.

Once we confirm that we have made contact with an intelligent spirit we begin to ask deeper questions. We like to ask questions that living people currently cannot answer with confidence. If a "ghost" truly is the lingering intelligent energy of a deceased human, maybe it can tell us about it's experience after dying. We are slowly working on this.

David decided to dig a bit deeper and asked, "Did you meet God when you died?" A voice clearly responded, "Sorta...." John then jumped in and asked, "Is there a God?" To our surprise, two separate voices said back to back "Yes" and then "Yup!" The responses we received on our short investigation left us believing that the grounds of the prison are extremely haunted.

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