Watch as a ghost moves Bible pages inside of a "demonic" Seattle home

Two girls have claimed to have recorded a ghost moving the pages of a burnt Bible inside of a supposedly haunted Washington home. The home has had many reports of poltergeist activity and was recently featured on Ghost Adventures, a paranormal reality television series.

A home in Washington is being dubbed "demonic" by local media outlets. Homeowner Keith Linder made claims of weird writing on the walls, Bibles turning up burnt, and objects flying around the home on their own. Ghost Adventures filmed an episode of their reality television show inside of the home and came out empty handed. The owner claims none of his stories are fabricated and that his home is indeed haunted.

Karissa Fleck and Nicole Novelle, two investigators from LiveParanormal.com, decided to investigate the home. During their stay they claim to have captured a spirit moving the pages of a burnt Bible. Watch the video and decide for yourself.

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