Demonic Growl Recorded Inside Haunted Insane Asylum (with video)

A terrifying growl was recorded inside the abandoned Central State Hospital in Indianapolis, Indiana by a ghost hunting team from Chicago.

David Scott, one of the team's investigator's, was walking alone down a hallway which was part of the high security section of the asylum. This is where the most violent patients were held captive. The team had received very little ghostly activity for the first couple of hours on location. In theory, if you are alone, you may get the most activity. David decided to try this method and it worked very well.

Armed with nothing but a voice recorder and a flashlight, David pushed his way through two sets of heavy security doors and made his way to the back of the ward. He began speaking out loud in hopes of attracting a spirit towards his voice recorder. "Come on on guys", he started, "....we have been here for a couple of hours and haven't heard or seen a thing. We heard this place was haunted. Is that true?"

It was moments later when David felt a large and evil presence stand in front of him. He could feel heat radiating from the presence and it almost felt like it was breathing. Although David saw no apparition he could feel it standing in front of him. Nearly frozen, he extended his voice recorder forward in attempt to capture an EVP or electronic voice phenomena.

Suddenly, a loud growl filled the room. It sounded something more like an angry lion than it did human. That was enough confirmation for him! Panic and fear filled his body. For a moment he stood still unable to move staring into the darkness where this invisible presence stood gnarling. He then spun around and ran as fast as he could back to where the rest of the team was stationed.

He explained to fellow investigators John Stephens and Jason Drobick what had happened. He then turned on his voice recorder to play back the audio only to find that he hadn't been recording audio!

David took a few minutes to calm down and then, with the rest of the team, headed back to the area where he had heard the growl. This time they were rolling on a night vision video camera.

The team made it to where David had felt the presence and they began to try and communicate with the spirit once more. The first noise they heard sounded like a large pipe dragging on the floor towards them. Shortly after, the growling noise sounded again! This time they had successfully captured it on video. You can see the footage below.

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