Infamous Haunted "Roff Home" Re-opens For Private Ghost Hunts

After closing it's doors to the public fourteen months ago, the infamous Roff Home in Watseka, Illinois has now stated it will be allowing private paranormal investigations again.

A post made by the home's Facebook account read:

"As many of you know, Roff Home has been closed to the public most of the past 14-months. The good news is that during that time, renovation work has been underway. The bad news is that we discovered major foundation damage under the front parlor of the home (where the Roff's used to do seances with Lurancy Vennum) due to there only being a one-foot foundation under that room. To repair the foundation, we had to take down a wall and a half and dig out and pour a new foundation under that room. This work was completed in August. Without it, the front walls of the house would have collapsed and the house would have been lost.

Needless to say, this unexpected major repair has increased the total renovation cost for the home by 60%. To help offset this cost, we are opening the home again for private paranormal investigations and overnights. If you are in a group that is interested in investigating Roff Home, or you know a group that is, please contact me (John) at 773-949-6650. Thank you!"

The account also posted several photos of the home's renovation:

The Roff Home has been dubbed home of "America's first documented spirtual possession". It is connected with the "Watseka Wonder" case in which the spirit of Mary Roff possessed a young girl named Lurancy Vennum. The Roff and Vennum families were so convinced of Lurancy's claims to be possessed by Mary, they allowed Lurancy to live in the Roff home for some time.

The location is extremely haunted and a hot spot for ghost hunting teams. Check out the video below as IPRAstrong performs a solo investigation in the house:

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