Ghost Caught On Video In A Texas Motel Room

Frank Ramirez was spending the night in a South Texas motel room when he claims he experienced something paranormal.

Objects in his room such as a phone, a towel, and a hanger began to move from an unseen force. Frank narrated the situation as he recorded the supernatural happenings on his mobile phone.

Frank uploaded the video quickly to his Facebook account to show his friends and his family. The video has since gone completely viral and has been viewed nearly 8 million times.

Many viewers were frightened by the footage and claim it is authentic ghost footage. Although on the flip-side, there are many people who think Frank staged the video using wires or strings to move the objects in the room.

Frank took the criticism well but still upholds his stance that the paranormal events were not staged and indeed happened. He even went so far to upload a second video in a motel room demonstrating how it would look if he had used fishing line as any many had claimed. You can view that video on his Facebook account and also view his video upload on Youtube here.

Do you believe this was real ghost footage? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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