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Real Ghost Recorded at EXIT Punk Rock Club

Outside EXIT nightclub at night

A ghost was recently caught on camera inside of Chicago's infamous EXIT punk rock club. IPRA (an Illinois ghost hunting team) joined forces with Psychic Medium Chris Fleming to perform a ghost hunt inside of the building.

Chris was contacted by the owner of the 150 year old building after many reports of paranormal activity were reported. Patrons have reported the feeling of being watched, strange noises, and even photos of apparitions have been taken inside of the club. Employees have also reported witnessing ghostly things on several occasions.

"For a whole year the general manager refused to go upstairs" said Jason, a bouncer at the club, "....he heard voices calling his name and he was really creeped out".

The ghost hunting team began the investigation on the third floor of the building where most of the ghost sightings happen. Not long after they began rolling, Chris jumped forward and said that he felt a hand touching his lower back. Shortly after, John Stephens and David Scott of IPRA recorded a phantom screaming into their voice recorder.

After capturing some compelling audio upstairs Chris decided to bring the investigation into the basement. The basement is reported to have a darker and more sinister atmosphere.

Chris began to ask a series of questions using a voice recorder while John filmed him with an XSLS Camera developed by Digital Dowsing. The XSLS camera uses motion tracking technology to detect spirits. During this recording session Chris stated that he felt a spirit standing behind him. To John's surprise a ghost appeared on the screen of the XSLS camera and jumped in front of Chris. At one point Chris reaches out to touch the spirit which was now in front of him.

What makes this piece of evidence amazing is the fact that Chris had no idea where the spirit was on John's camera screen. Yet he was able to detect it using his abilities and it was all captured on film.

You can watch the full episode below:


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